It’s the bike Place to be…

It’s that time again, Alarm set for 6:30am Saturday evening for an early start for a Sunday morning, the weather was awful so why not make the most of a Sunday right?

The Bike Place show is now a well rounded show from all things bike and bespoke to custom bike parts, some top brands there from the likes of @Orangebikes @Dakine @ION and so on.

Lets have a little look into the Wing,

The Wing, Silverstone Raceway.
The Sea of traders ID cards, early bird catches the worm!!


Once in the show I grabbed a coffee, then headed over to the boys over at OrangeBikes to see whats hot!! There was some very striking looking creations from the Halifax legends!!.

Yes it’s a E-Bike-Alpine6-Strange.

The E-Bike Strange is something that Orange wanted to do and boy did they do it!! based around a Alpine6 with it’s massive down tube housing a battery that also powers the XT Di2. Powering the bike is the Shimano STEPS motor, when it comes to charging theres only one battery to charge which makes this a lot more simple for that matter. Keep an eye out this bike Orange didn’t give a ETA date.

Up close and personal!!


Orange Stage5 LE.

The all new Stage5 LE, £5500 with full Hope, full Fox Factory, Orange Bikes Factory wheelset upgrade laced on Hope Pro4’s Shimano 1X11 drive, this is a 135mm / 140mm trail slayer!!. With that suspension set up this bike will punch above it’s weight!!


Orange Stage6 LE.

The all new Stage6 LE,  running the same spec as the Stage5 LE, It’s like a Segment,Four,and a Alpine6 fell into the hands of a bad guy from a Spiderman film and created the Stage6 and the trails better watch out!!.

The Orange Speed Works, This is one fast weapon! Should see this bike around June time ETA.

Mr Peaty’s bike in all it’s World Cup glory dressed in its beautiful paint job from the legendary creators over @Fatcreations.

Some @Burgtec bling was on hand, massive fan of this product and top lads.


Hookit were on hand to show off their array of cool kit from the likes of Sensus,All-mountain style,35bike and so on, top lads and top brands.

Some funky mud guards going on the ”cool wall”.


There was some very innovative products now hitting the Cycle industry, here we see a front 15mm through axle with a integrated tool kit… kit?.


As the day drew to an end and seeing some great people, it was time to head back, so thats a wrap from The Bike Place for another year.

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