Within the clouds….

Mother Nature…..Not happy!!




Hitting the finish arena hip.

Day two saw some very interesting things, nursing a few dents, loose spokes and sorting out a bent chain ring and a broken chain device, on with the new out with the old. All in all Thomas was looking fast and hitting the lines he wanted, he said ”the woods are getting tricky already, its pure luck in there, even worst once the weather sets in’’ .


Bike prepped and ready to rip!!

Day three and more bent chain rings and new chain device, they both have seen better days!! So with a bit of hammer time (MC’s mate) it’s back to a very slight wobble, changed brake pads, check over on the bike, check tyre pressures and then a little chill time before the Expert and Elite practice.


On the tuck and fast!!.


Quick roller run this morning…..Thomas loves getting his tuck on! As the weather set in the mist was getting heavy and conditions getting nasty the midges were out in force!!


Keeping it smooth.

I was mid way on the hill and the weather wanted to turn on me and have it’s moment!! It did!! It rained all afternoon making the track slick!! After 100 or so more riders hitting the hill it started to grip up again making the rocks a little more grippy. Damage limitation Thomas had enough 4 full runs on this track is tough going.


Last run of the day….


Good day on the hill, sorted the bike, Thomas has his wet weather lines sorted and I’ve got my Goretex @Fiveten camp four boots at the ready, jacket, brolly , camera cover, and some luck would be nice to keep the weather away but looking forwards to getting some race shots at full speed.


Thomas is feeling good on the bike and looking fast!! Race up date tomorrow….



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