The BILL….UCI World Cup // RD2 // 2017

It’s that time again, all the teams have been making their way to the mighty Fort William World Cup Track, This year we’ve seen some interesting things from the world of the wagon wheel that is the 29er… a marmite situation your love it or hate it!! It’s a racers world and the aim of the game is to get from the top to the bottom as fast as one can…..right?!!


With Gee man out of action from a massive crash a few weeks ago at the HSBC-UK British Downhill Series held at this amazing and testing track Gee is now a spectator for this round when will we see Mr Atherton back on the big rig?. Danny Hart on his 29er summum looking rapid and taking the win at the BDS on his prototype. Santa Cruz syndicate on their’s and pompom was seen on her 29er at the BDS, with more and more teams brining out the big wheel this season is going to be an interesting one to say the least!.

Last year was a very emotional event for two reasons, and still struggle to think that he is actually no longer with us the sad news of the passing of Stevie Smith #longlivethechainsaw !!. Also Mr MTB him self on his last ever world cup at FortBill yes Peaty as he was on “last Orders” the last and final season. So will the Bill deliver again this year? OH HELL YEAH!!

More to follow over the next few days!!

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