Getting down with Bill…

Friday see’s a very chilled start to the day, bike prep, head prep and then it’s time to hit the hill. The site had this really nice buzz about the place, headed my way over to the media room to grab the bib and sign in, the ladies in the Media tent are awesome, providing refreshments all day and looking after the laptops and other kit, it’s blessing!!


Up top I go….


Just as I was prepping my self the mist came in!!


Its now down to these guys to provide the show and what a show it was!!

Wyn getting his manual on!!

Loic and Finn looking rapid as normal!


Danny was on his 29er again and looking even more comfy!!


Greenland looking fast and pumping out a fair amount of runs!!


Tahnee looking smooth and fast today, what will the weekend bring!!

Gwin was out on track looking smooth but no way near full throttle, and still bloody fast!!


Jacob Dickson was out pumping some runs out, looking on point and fast!!


Greg Minnar was looking fast all day, very much suited on that 29er!


The man him self, fresh from the EWS and on the big rig, what will the weekend bring?


Didn’t go to plan for a few, some bad crashes but these guys get up and crack on!! Don’t see that in football 😉


Pompom looking fast on her 29er, great style and always attacking!

Epic first day here at Fortbill lets see what Saturday brings…..

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