Not till the last….Fort William UCI World Cup Rd2

The 2017 season so far has been all about change, bikes, teams, and some track changes, also with Peaty not racing it still feels odd, saying that its all about racing at the end of the day and Peaty is still in the game so it be.
Each year the UCI World Cup graces the mountain side of Fort William and it’s mighty Nevis Range, a track that doesn’t need an introduction, an old track that still claims the best in the world along with their bikes and it’s still one of the best for testing new prototypes. New additions to the old girl is a fast ‘’moto’’ style part of the track and fair play to the track builders and the logistics that went into this beauty in a very sort time of 5/6 weeks!!.

In no particular order, here is a catch up on the Fort William World Cup rd2.


_72A8567 All quite on the western front…..

030617_4 Up top so far so good…..for now before the weather set in for a little while!.

So, onto the practice, seeing a lot of the boys and girls crusing the track and having a hoot while checking out some parts of the track that some the riders had some unfinished business to attend to from last year, it was on! At the end of the day these guys just want to ride their bikes and are super keen to get up on the gondola for the “first run” of the day .

020617_15 Start hut basking in the sun shine……It didn’t last for long!!.

Then the mist set in!!

_72A8589 Ems was out and on it looking fast on board his beaut of a 324!

I thought while it’s Friday and that can mean one thing with most Photographers…..Panshotfriday, my first victim was Tracy Hanna sounds odd sorry, she took me by susprise being one of the top girls and fast I didn’t have long to set my self up!! And then Emilie came down just after.

020617_64 Tracy Hanna looking fast in practice.

020617_56 SIEGENTHALER on track and looked fast from the get go!!

Moving down the almighty Fort Bill track I started to make my way down to capture some awesomeness as it unfolds before me.

030617_550 Adam Conrad of Cult-Media showing Fort Bill what he’s got.

_72A8644 Gwin and his “moto’ style making this section look rad!!

020617_237020617_242 Wyn Masters with a cheeky manual on the board walk.

And some more added to the fun….By my surprise and in my head I thought that looked like Sam Hill….Na no way!! He’s full enduro now!! It bloody well was him I was so pumped that Sam Hill was at Fort Bill!! Kerr with a manual and having a play!

020617_218020617_150-2 It’s Actually Sam Hill!! Then giving me the thumbs up after and shouting “YEEEEEOOOW Buddy”!!

All sorts of epicness going on (If thats a word?!) Fraser Britton wanted in on the board way action…

020617_434 Greg Minnar as always looking very fast and just so dialed everywhere!!

020617_418 This young man Jacob Dickson of Giant Factory off road racing team.

Jacob Dickson is looking very strong each time, 22nd for him on the day mighty fine effort in his first year in Elite thats an amazing achievement already! One to watch out for for sure!!

020617_408 Loris keeping it low over the bedrock drop.

Great to see Loris making his new team and new bike work for him!!

020617_405 Danny looking strong throughout practice.

020617_378 Team mate Greenland on a mission unleashing his wild man style again.

020617_349 Marcelo looking very comfy on this track and it took him to a well earned 4th spot.

020617_290 Bruni was looking real good all weekend.

020617_388 REDBULL-TV were at the ready…

Some more berm bashing action!

AO0I4405 The moody skys and the sounds of cable car banter was awesome.

020617_456 This little lady…Tanhéé Seagrave looking strong throughout the past two days sadly the woods being her demon and taking out a fair few good people!!.

These two were on fire and looking consistently stronger as the days drew closer to finals.

AO0I4425 This lady was the target of the weekend…

Until she had a massive fall and dislocated her shoulder in the wooded section that was a very hard section at the best of times.

_72A8909 Jack Moir no words needed!!

020617_471 Figaret ”My selfie partner” keeping it very smooth and fast!!

AO0I4591 Parfitt on the new section of track, fast this bit….real fast note the jersey!!

AO0I4495 Ali Sutton on Marshal duties, keeping them bloody midges away!!

_72A8818 the main man Sam Hill checking out his lines during practice..


030617 Up top for this one.

Elite women kicks off and the pace was on!!

Elite Men and Minnar looking ultra fast!!


What a day Finals are, the site is open early to the public and the place is ready to roll with thousands heading to see their favourite racers up close and personal it’s truly awesome to see.

_72A8955.jpg Danny Hart taking time to sign the shirts of the fans!!

Practice was over pretty quick and then it was time for some of the best racing i’ve had the pleasure to witness even if it was through my finder!!.

AO0I4775 Bren Dawg and his style!! He was on clips all weekend..could we see a change?….No way!!

AO0I5228 It just did not go to plan for Danny! Shame as he was on a mission and with out that mistake he could of taken it!! _72A9321 If in doubt WHIP IT OUT!! Danny making sure the crowd enjoy them selfs!!

AO0I4968 Tracy coming in hot on her finals run and taking a well earned win!!

While the Elite women’s race was over it was that time for the mens and what a show that was, Greg Minnar making the wooded section look like it was a walk in the park!

On a mission and putting the power down on that 29er which clearly is working for Minnar!.

Fans, Dogs and costumes were the order of the day and everyone was mental and having a proper good time such epic times at Fort Bill truly unforgettable!!

AO0I5267 The moment that Greg crossed the line and pretty much got taken down by Peaty and crew!!

Onto the podiums:

Elite Womens

Tracy taking the top step!!
The fastest machine on the day!!

Elite Men

The legend 20th WC wins!
Fastest machine of the day!!

Thats another Fort William World Cup recap for another year and each time it grows bigger and better, so thats a wrap from this end, see you all on the again soon.

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