The Battle of Hopton Castle // Pearce Cycles round 5 // English Champs.

Round 5 of Pearce Cycles was held over at Hopton woods known to others as Hopton Castle, this place is epic!! It was dusty, rooty and loose as a long necked goose!! Deep dust and blown out corners made riding conditions tough for many, not being here before I was keen to get up on the hill to see what the plan was and where the angles were.

Team RIDE.IO expert racer Will Hart was there to take on the mini Val DI Sole type corners of dust,roots and gnar, seeing the last few corners on his practice run he looked smooth and pinned through them.


First race run was on it and again super loose and fast!!

Hart jumping into this awkward corner and getting WILD!!

AO0I1133 Straightened her up and pinned it!

Second race run:

AO0I1670AO0I1675 Keeping it smooth through this tricky section taking the high line…it worked!

Here’s what will had to say about his epic weekend and his win!!

‘The track was tight and technical yet absolutely flat out at the same time! The sun was out all weekend which made for a nice change, although this made the track pretty loose for finals. My team RIDE.IO Orange 324 ran mint all weekend and managed to come away with the win in the Expert category! An all round awesome weekend riding bikes thanks to all my support!! Will Hart Team RIDE.IO

_72A7140-2_72A7141-2 Will Hart on the top step Expert winner and English Champ…BOOM!!

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