The king of Trentino // UCI Mountain Bike World Cup // Val Di Sole // Italy

Val Di Sole, Italy,”valley of the sun” so it’s called and they are not wrong in slightest!! Looking back this season it’s been truly epic!! Lots of things happening with in the team’s, Manon Carpenter announcing her retirement from top level racing to take on her new project’s and I’m sure they are going to be awesome! Could this be another Hanna Barnes type journey? Who knows and to be fair I’m looking forwards to whats around the corner for her.

Markus Pekoll closing his amazing racing career and another example of a true and exceptional racer. I hear he’s taking on being a farther, I wish you all the very best Markus it’s been a pleasure!!


The last and finale round of the UCI Mountain Bike World cup visits the beautiful mountain side and valley of Trentino Val DI Sole, the history behind this track from many great races and memories had this was going to be one hell of a show down!!

Gwin, Minnar, Hart, Bronson, all biting at the bit and it’s all down to that one race run!!

This is Val Di Sole, it’s super gnarly, steep, rough , fast, hot, and packed full of surprises! Site back grab a beer….



_72A7189_72A9832240817_3240817_4240817_5250817270817_8270817_10270817_9240817_9240817_7240817_6240817_12250817_2250817_4250817_1250817_6250817_129250817_313260817AO0I4513270817_11270817_12 2270817_12270817_5270817_7260817_620260817_611250817_14240817_16240817_14260817_143260817_499_72A0108_72A0115_72A0135_72A0142_72A0086240817_2240817_13250817_5250817_8270817_65270817_63270817_64AO0I3232AO0I3250AO0I3283AO0I3295AO0I3666AO0I4360AO0I3611AO0I3342AO0I3334AO0I4383AO0I4392AO0I4452AO0I4458AO0I4481AO0I4503AO0I4529AO0I4570AO0I4573AO0I4611AO0I4632AO0I4636AO0I4699AO0I4705AO0I4696AO0I4628AO0I4770AO0I4768AO0I4788AO0I4801AO0I4820AO0I4973AO0I4821AO0I4987AO0I4950AO0I4925AO0I4912AO0I4874AO0I5062AO0I5141AO0I5071AO0I5145AO0I5163AO0I5087AO0I5127AO0I5133AO0I5184AO0I5234AO0I5139AO0I5317AO0I5316AO0I5281AO0I5305AO0I5276AO0I5260AO0I5324AO0I5337AO0I5345AO0I5360AO0I5535AO0I5385AO0I5176240817_11_72A7255


The end…another season done!

What a season!! Until next time!

Redbull Hardline is next…….

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