A true classic // Malverns Classic 2018 // Eastnor Deer Park.


A classic weekend at a classic venue, Eastnor Deer Park, with a 20 year break and maybe a 20 year break for a reason, hangovers and racing perhaps the break was needed? it’s now time to prepare for the biggest party in British mountain biking!!.


People from around the country come to do battle.


Owen in full thought mode!.
Kelli Salone and her Proflex…..No intro needed.



It’s awesome to see so many epic machines past and present, but by far the “Classic machines are just exceptional, the more I look at them the more I think to my self I didn’t really appreciate how awesome they were all them years ago!


Deaks weapon.
If you know, you know!.



Adam giving Jono Jones some love…….sorry his bike!.


Jono Jones’s machine prepped and ready.


What goes up!
Some boys travel a long way for this event, big fan of the COVE Shocker!!
Back to the old school, flat turns and grassy off cambers.


Coming in hot for the DMR bomb hole death jump!!
Clearing with style!!
Your ladies legends race winner.
Rowan Sorrell keeping it lit!!
Silly just being a legend and all round nice dude!!
Jim From Pinned TV keeping it lit and….Pinned!!
Scott Beaumont on it!!


Team Ride.IO very own elite racing legend Emyr Davies on his first run and a fast one!!
e-Bikes have their place.
Tucking is the new pedalling.
the main man him self!! Look at that machine!! And bike!!
What a awesome thing to have you while racing, his other love Betsan!!
Not only a racer also a team mechanic.


OH THIS BIKE!!! Pineapple anyone?
There he is again!! I like this man….In a man way!.


Will Soffe on the hunt!!
Emyr and on the attack… it worked!!


Grassy turns took down the best of riders.
There’s a lot of love here!!.
What can I say!! 3 wins over the weekend!!

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