“Quali with your brolly” Today’s fastest // 2018 Mercedes Benz UCI World Cup // La Bresse France.

Today started somewhat “fresh” compared to track walk! So It was a grab the brolly, waterproof  jacket, Gore-Tex  boots and this time trousers!.


Up top was a mist fest, very dark and the track had a fair amount of rain throughout the night, meaning that the dust has gone!! What with the roots and holes now appearing, with some rain and moisture, this track will get way more gnarly than it already has been!!

Your fastest Junior women:


Valentina Anouilh again takes the fastest spot with a 301.333 .

Your fastest Junior Men:


The king of style Kade Edwards comes in with a 236.701.

The fastest Elite Women:


Tahnéé Seagrave has been on it so far this week! Across the line with an epic time of 249.743.

Your fastest Elite Mens:

From track previews to taking the fastest in the men’s elite, It’s safe to say that Gee is used to some bad weather and It’s apart of the training living where they live!!.


Gee took to the track with a full on attack mode……It worked!! A time of 232.213, Pierron was hot on his heels though!

Mega day out on the La Bresse Bike park track.

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