REDBULL HARDLINE // 2018. “The Dragons nest”

We take a look back at the fierce battle that sits high and tight in the remote hill side of Snowdonia’s National Park.  Llanbrynmair stares down at Dinas Mawddwy and houses the gnarliest track any man has seen, for the fifth time, riders from around the globe take on this beast, a game of survival, a den of soilders get ready to do battle,  this is RedBull Hardline 2018.


Sitting high…..The Road gap.

Earlier in the week the guys had the weather on their sides, what with all our hot weather and that said record highs, the Welsh valleys had other ideas!! .


Friday was a wash out, safety of the guys is way more important as one bad landing can result into some heavy injury!

it doesn’t rain….it pours!!.

Fast forwards to Saturday morning, it was a super early start, media uplift was at 7:30am, having more access this year was mega important and great to finally get up top to get some different angles, tough one though, not ever having access to get up top I was super keen.


Even the uplift to the top was gnarly!!.

One way of getting to the top, ”Landy’s ” .

Now at the top we had the task of walking the old part of the track!………My word!!!.


Sat on the remote hillside, the start gate, no refuge.



Bren having a siting lap.



Next wave, checking out the first corner in the dark misty light!.
Joe Smith keeping it smooth.
Wilson on safty mode for the first run of the day.


Fayolle always looks good on the bike, wasn’t worried about sending this drop deep!!.


Gee……was lit all weekend, he’s hungry! .
Jérome Caroli….no words needed.


Kaos Seagrave…..This chap can ride a bike!!!.


Hatton had a storming run!!.
Your not wrong there!…
Vestavik showing Norwegians can fly!!.


Kerr popping out the Gnar, from the newer section.
Gee popping out to the final few big hitters…
Last Huck of the day!!
From this I couldn’t see or hear who got it!

After this shot was taken I ran down thought the RedBull arch, to then realise that Gee Atherton had won Hardline 2018!! I was so stoked for him! Coming from that bad crash at the HSBC UK National up at Fortbill earlier in the year, track previews, to a raging finish at La Bresse, to then not get picked for the Worlds Team, this was by far a great way way to finish a pretty good season for the Welsh legend!! Top man Gee!!


Well, thats a wrap for Hardline 2018, I’m sure this will be back again next year….but what will the brain child Dan Atherton and his team of builders come up with? Find out next year!!.


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